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Code series Preset Editor: small issue about zones (but not a drama)


I'm using Preset Editor v1.0.3 (for Windows) for my Code 61 Black Edition (having lastest v1.2.2 firmware).

Is it possible to fix this small issue?

Into "Zone sections" (Z1~Z4) from Preset Editor software, for each zone they're a "ON/OFF" checkbox, in order to enable/disable this zone.

IMO developers must add a "security" feature (as enhancement) to avoid ALL four checkboxes disabled at same time, simply by keept lastest "ON/OFF" checkbox checked. Because you cannot disable all Z1-Z4 zones - at least one zone must remains enabled. From the Code hardware, you can't disable all zones, at least one zone button remains illuminated (doesn't matter the state of ZONE button, however).

Also, ZONE button state isn't reflected in Preset Editor (global settings).

Hope my explanations are clear.

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