Code Series Preset Management Using SysEx

The Code Series User Guide is pretty light on details when it comes to SysEx. I'd like to program presets on the Code 61 and store them on my Windows 7 PC using the Memory Dump feature. I've tried using both MIDI-OX and Bome SendSX. I can get them both to receive a bulk dump, but I cannot successfully get any saved presets to send back to the Code 61.

My procedure is:
*set one of the encoders to a new CC assignment
*save the preset
*memory dump the preset to SendSX
*change the encoder to a different CC assignment
*save the preset again
*send the original preset SysEx file from SendSX back to the Code61
*press the Preset Down/Up button (as instructed in the manual)

Sending the SysEx file back has not yet had a noticeable effect on the Code 61. According to the manual, SYS will appear in the display during memory dumps & while it is receiving a SysEx file. I have never seen SYS appear, even though the memory dumps seem to be successful.

Does someone have a working procedure to save & load presets on a Code series keyboard using SysEx? I'd love to see it.

Last question: It's not clear in the manual if a memory dump sends all 12 presets at once, or only 1. Does anybody know?

Thanks in advance!
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