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Code series: swapping preset selection & MIDI Program Change


Another enhancement - in my opinion - for Code 61/49/25 will be to swap like this:

- Preset selection by using "Shift"+"Up" or "Shift"+"Down" for Code's presets browsing (next/previous).

- MIDI "Program Change" by using same buttons but without "Shift"!

In general, you choose a (custom) preset prior to use your C.M. software (DAW, standalone instrument/effect, DJ or specific MIDI software such Melodics).

But for live performance, using direct "Up" and "Down" button for MIDI Program Change will be better and... less risky (to change inadvertently the current Code's preset) !

Pressing two buttons together for program change isn't user friendly and wasn't a good idea IMO.

It will be easy to do for your dev team, because they're no specific "screen prints" above/on buttons, but only changes in firmware(s) and related PDF manual(s), that's all.

Thanks in advance.

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