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I’m frustrated

CODE49- well known problem with Keys

Hi support and fellow users!

As everybody seems having the same (or remarkably VERY similar) problem I am going to ask for help too - or at least tell you and the community about my problem.
Thx for taking your time and reading my "essay" ;)

I am using Code49 for nearly 2 Months now, and everything was perfect during the first 3 weeks - "what a nicely built and easy to-handle product" I tought.
But -sorry for abusive language- I am really pissed of by now, as I learned that really a lot of people are having these problems with your product (I would rather say most of them).

The most annoying issue occured some days ago, disappeared and is now getting THAT weird it is leaving me speechless:
- I am using Ableton 10 as well.
- Exactly same keys show behaviour like your's Edmund.
- Now, playing keys/notes In octave -2 and/or -3 started controlling the selection of tracks or arming the rec-buttons (have you noticed that as well?)
- Keys don't match the settings made with the PresetEditor any more: Zones shift octaves or the keys don't "stick" to any Zone at all, Zones and Keys won't play via the channel given in Editor (only global/channel1 working).
- Pads keep on changing Notes/Octave too, example: Pads configured on channel11 using Editor, Pad1 set to "C1". So is the Kick in the drumrack. Hitting Pad1 results in playing "C0" on channel1. After setting Pad1 to "C2" it worked again (at least on channel1 but for a couple of days only) then it played "C3"...
- After working on it with the Editor again and again, changing cables, reinstalling, checking with MIDI-OX, updating the firmware, and all that stuff which did not solve the problems (neither it did for all the other users I suppose, here and in other forums) I stumbled over the following thing using the Editor:
The notes shown for Pads / Keys do not have matching numbers: For the keys it starts with "#0 C1" while the same note on Pad1 says "#24 C1" (I didn't notice this before but it doesn't make any sense to me, but maybe it gives you an idea of what is going on).

By the way, "factory reset" did not do any help, neither it did what one should expect:.
It did NOT downgrade the updated firmware which I was trying to do in the end, to see if it anything happens....
I ended up downloading "Updater 1.2.3" from another user/forum for downgrading, as I could not find ANYTHING like an archive with previous versions of ANY software on your website (....)
The installation process told me to first uninstall "Updater 1.3.0" and then run "1.2.3" again in order to downgrade again. In the end it just told me that my "firmware is up-to-date" and there was no posibillity to run the installation for the older Version (funny, I was really loughing out loud at this point).

Dear Support from M-Audio, please tell us the solution - the problem is always the same and it is well known and described,

It seems you are having a severe problem with software / firmware, as the edited presets show multiple errors when sent to the device (as well as the complete lack of an archive on your website, links from your site for previous versions end up in nowhere).
I am not willing to send the product back, because research told me that the problems will persist with a new one. AND I like the handling of your product especially the Pads, Keys and editing.
I am only using the Keys and Pads (no Mackie / HUI, as controlling faders etc is done with APC40 mkII) and the touch is perfect)
I am not a professional, but I DO have e.g. a Novation 25SL MKII in use (no AUTOMAP but hours of ediiting controls - where editing is horror and the pads and keys are not as nice...

Thanks again.
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  • If note values from your Code are controlling unintended parameters in your software, you have it set up incorrectly and I am assuming that the remote control script that is selected in Live is the reason for that. This knowledge base article will show you how to set up the Code in Live. If your settings in Live match those seen in the article, it will work as expected:

    M-Audio Code Series - Setup in Ableton Live

    As far as how notes are triggering, MIDI note scaling needs to be taken into consideration. MIDI note name scaling can represent different values depending on the specific pairing of hardware and software. Sometimes, hardware will match software being used in terms of note names; sometimes it will not. This all depends on what hardware and software is being used together. In other words, if the scaling is not the same, the note names can be off by an octave. This is not unique to the Code series, it can affect any MIDI controller depending on the scaling (the highest and lowest MIDI note name values) of the hardware and software being used. While this can affect the naming of MIDI notes, MIDI note numbers are constant and do not change. These values can be referenced here. If you're having trouble triggering the right MIDI notes and they are off by an octave, all that is necessary to make the hardware match the software is adjust the notes by an octave.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please be sure to have your Code set up correctly with the correct control surface script, input, and output ports selected.

    Let me know if you continue to have some difficulty and we'll take a closer look!
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