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Code61 sensitive to USB cable type or quality

What I noticed is that the Code61 is VERY sensitive to the make/type/quality of the USB cable. Oftentimes, I get stuck notes or the Code stops sending out MIDI causing me to have to unplug/replugin the cable multiple times! I thought that by relieving the cable from also providing power would help the situation - this is why I bought and use a wall transformer as well. In another thread I inquired to whether this was acceptable electronically. It is.

However, this hasn't relieved the USB cable sensitivity problem. This may be a Code61 design deficiency but I would be glad to spend a few bucks on the best USB cable recommended by M-Audio. Please point us to one that will work reliably. I notice that some have additional bulky ends that look like cylinders within the cable. A couple meters minimum should do it.

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