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Connect a Polk PSW10 subwoofer, & JBL powered monitors to a 1st gen m-audio M-Track

Having read much about it, I very much wanted a Polk PSW10 sub woofer but found no answers about my specific, and minimal, gear, and almost all of the ideas seemed like electronically dicey, and fairly expensive work-arounds to expensive solutions like getting a flat-response receiver and essentially a new system altogether. I only had the hundred and change for the speaker and cable. I have JBL 305MKII powered monitors, but I can't think why this wouldn't work with any powered monitors that the M-Track will handle (which is pretty much all of them). Somewhere in my several hours of reading someone mentioned, and I can't remember in exactly what context, a headphone jack. I looked at the m-track, thought about the headphone jack and decided, though I could find no corroboration for the idea, to give it a risk. I swallowed hard, ordered the Polk, a shielded dual rca to 1/4 inch stereo cable. The speaker and cable came an hour ago. I unpacked and plugged in the simple arrangement, and it was one of those almost giddy moments complete with a little rush of pure happiness, where everything works right the very first time; and my set-up instantly and flawlessly re-parted my hair. So there you have it. If anyone is having this exact or close-enough problem, I hope this helps. It would have saved me a half of a day.
And by the way, the Polk is every bit as good as you've heard. I'm not big into bass and find high levels of it for long durations physically fatigueing, and even now with this fun new speaker I will doubtlessly normally keep the bass relatively low, (although it IS fun to make the windows rattle for a few minutes), but it makes my $150 dollar(each) monitors sound like $153 monitors! Just kidding - they now sound every bit as good as my first, $300 each M-Audio monitors. And like some of the larger subwoofers seem to do, this doesn't sound in any way out of power or frequency ballance with, and nor does it overwhelm my fairly small monitors. I read a review saying it was the #1 rated budget studio subwoofer this year, the next best in this review costing fully three times as much, and I believe it is the best in the unbder $400.00 range.. It's a fantastic thing, and I don't imagine we'll long have the chance to get really good Chinese stuff this cheaply ever again. If you have $110, you'll be happy you got one. And remember: Yes, a sterio headphone jack WILL drive a POWERED sub-woofer.
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