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Connecting an M-Audio device (Radium 49) to newer MacBooks and OS's

I have ran older m-audio Radium 49 and a MobilePre-USB audio I/O. I run macs and music is very much just a hobby. That said, I wish I could use the Radium 49 with my current mac laptop (a 2012 MacBook Pro running 10.14.5) Is there any way to run the Radium 49 directly or indirectly into Garage band? Last time I tried I think it wasn't recognized at all. If those devices are "trash" let me know so I don't waste more time trying to figure them out. Otherwise please let me know what I can do to connect that keyboard to the mac via USB or through the MobilePre if that helps. I'm prepared to toss them if this is a pipe dream.
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