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Control volume of different Garageband lines with Code49 faders

Hey Guys, just have a question about the Code49.
I ́m using Garageband and I want to control the volume of the single lines in G.B. with the controllers on my keyboard. Is it possible to assign them?

Cheers and good jams, Miles
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  • Hey miles98,

    Thanks for posting!

    It sounds like you want to use your Code to control track volume automation. While Garageband does not allow for parameter assignments to hardware controllers (MIDI mapping), you can send the right MIDI CC from your Code to do this. This is not necessarily a function of automation as the data will not draw automation lines but the end result will be very similar.

    Configure the fader (or whichever controller on the Code you want to use) to send the default MIDI CC for volume, MIDI CC7, Recording MIDI CC7 to a track in GarageBand will allow you to control the volume dynamically with a physical controller. Check page 43 of the Code user guide for information regarding controller reassignment.

    You can also draw in automation points with your mouse if you prefer to use the actual automation lines rather than data. This Apple article will help you use automation:

    GarageBand for Mac: Show track automation curves

    I hope that helps you!
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