CTRL 49 Roll & Arpeggiator not syncing to Ableton Live 9.7

I recently purchased the CTRL 49 keyboard controller and have all the necessary software installed properly along with the full version of Ableton Live.

The VIP software itself works just fine; however, when trying to use either the Roll or Arp functions of the keyboard, nothing happens when I press the pads or keys.

I have the all of the MIDI inputs & outputs configured in Live's preferences per the reference material here on the M-Audio site, and I have the CTRL 49 set to receive it's clock source as "external" in the global settings.

Oddly enough, when the clock source is set as internal, both the Roll and Arp work just fine. It's only when set to external that the features stop working.

I've tested this out with two separate Win 8 machines and have the same problem occurring with each. Did I happen to get a dud keyboard or is there some other patch/fix/work-around that I should try?

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