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CTRL49 + VIP Mac to Windows move complete!

I recently moved my VIP install from Mac Sierra to Windows 10 (latest update), and just wanted to send praise -- and tips.

- The 1.05 CTRL49 Windows driver is a must have. Unfortunately, it wasn't the version in my account downloads, so I had the 1.04 driver installed to start. If that's the case, make sure you uninstall the old version completely before trying the 1.05 install.

- Avoid authorizing VIP via the "VIP Authorization" desktop link that's added post-install. Instead, open the iLok license manager software, and redeem your activation code from there.

- I was able to use import my VIP backup from the Mac! At first, NONE of my presets showed after import (panic!), but a quick re-scan of my VST folder set things right. Cool.

- Some VSTs may work a little differently on Windows versus Mac. For example, Synth1 doesn't like smooth preset transitions on Windows -- total crashfest. Un-ticking that option on the instrument settings set it straight, which is good, because it is an amazing-sounding free VST.

- I can finally run my Cakewalk and Steinberg stuff (z3ta, Retrologue, Padshop Pro, etc.)! This is more of a Cakewalk/Steinberg-on-Mac issue -- where they are only vst3 -- but it's nice to have those horses in the VIP stable. They are running great in VIP, despite having to import presets manually (another CW/SB issue where they don't expose preset names to the VST host).

- FYI geek observation: I was trying to run the Windows box headless, running TightVNC and connecting from my Mac laptop. The VIP window doesn't render properly in this configuration, although it's not the only application with this problem. Other remote software, like Remote Desktop, may work fine.

Hope this helps anyone who is making the same move, or who is running into issues on Windows.