Current Code61 firmware updater contains out-of-date/previous version?

Current Code61 firmware updater for OSX10.11 is labeled v1.2.2, but version contained in .zip is actually version - listed as out-of-date version on site. Is the current firmware update? I'm attempting to use Code61 with Mainstage3 and am getting inconsistent mapping results. Wondering if this might be a firmware issue? Thank you
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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for posting!

    No, that's normal! You're just seeing the versions of the firmware updater (1.22) and the version of the firmware ( is the latest version of the firmware which updates the keyboard to be used with the editor.

    If you're having trouble mapping in Mainstage, this would not be affected by a firmware update. Contact Apple or see the thread below for info on mapping with Mainstage:
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