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Current State of Code 61 with Velocity Issues?

M-Audio Code 61 for piano question (again). I am really close to purchasing this keyboard and have read lots of user threads about the velocity not being right for piano style playing vs. EDM. I need very sensitive keyboard response for soft passages and a smooth transition to the loudest.
I have read the for some, when slightly touchin the keys there is no sound through the DAW. Others have said that to get cc127 into the DAW, they had to pound on it.
I used an Axiom 64 for many years that has now died. I liked its response.
As of today, with all the software updates to this unit, how would you say it performs now?
Did M-Audio fix these issues or are they inherent in the keyboard and cannot be fixed?
Do you still recommend this keyboard over let's say an Akai MPK 261 though that one is more expensive?
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