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Does the Axiom Air 61 HyperControl work with Pro Tools 8.5

My son gave me an axiom air 61 for Christmas. A few days ago I decided to set it up on my PC (windows 7 64 bit service pack 1) and I use pro tools 8.5.
After doing everything I was instructed to do,I powered the keyboard up after some time the display indicated that HyperControl was not available.
I checked the online support page and found that two updates were available one for drivers and the other firmware. I installed both of them. It seem to do the trick. I tried the play button and it worked, I moved a slider and it worked. I then returned to the manual for a while as I looked up at the keyboard display it was showing H.C Undef Ctl err 21 and the keyboard never worked again. I also lost my pro tools and had to reinstall that and what a pain that was.

Please advise.
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