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I’m undecided

Doubt with VIP 3.1 plus

Hello, my question is about VIP 3.1 plus. I'm going to buy a M-Audio code 61 (with VIP 3.0 included). Is VIP plus the only way to get the software's libraries ? Are there any sound included with VIP 3.1? I appreciate every comment or help
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  • Hey Matteo,

    Thanks for posting!

    No instruments are actually included with the VIP software - VIP is a player for VST instruments. However, if you purchase a Code 61 keyboard, it does come with quite a few virtual instruments by AIR Music Tech in addition to VIP. These instruments include: Hybrid, Loom, DB-33, Mini Grand, and Velvet.

    After registering the Code 61 in your M-Audio account, you will have access to those instruments and their authorization codes that can be redeemed with the iLok License Manager. You will also have a promo code in your account to purchase AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 (a suite of instruments and effects by AIR) at a discounted price as well as some other promos and goodies.

    I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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