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I’m pissed off

Electronic garbled sound now from any mp3 or imported track

Ok so Maudio 2x2 is about 3 days old. Was working fine.. imported mp3 added guitars, made a recording, rendered and closed PC. Came back next day reopened project. My 2 recorded guitar tracks played fine but original MP3 on track 1 is like a garbled whisper like someone talking backwards.

Closed and listened to youtube video through the unit (not the pc speakers, they play and sound fine). As soon as I switch back to 2x2 same garbled electronic whisper. Every mp3 track I bring in now has the same terrible effect. Completely useless until now.

Restarted PC, unplugged 2x2, doesn't matter still the same now. Please help
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  • Hey Ray,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you can play back some audio sources but not others it sounds like this might be relative to the sample rate at which these .mp3 files are playing back. The M-Track doesn't 'know' that it's playing back a specific type of audio file (.mp3, .WAV, etc.) it just processes audio at the sample rate specified in the recording software or in the case of system playback, the sample rate specified in the control panel application that's installed along with the driver.

    Without conversion, audio files will not play back correctly if the file itself is rendered at one sample rate and the hardware driver is processing audio at a different sample rate - which would account for why the guitar tracks you recorded play back correctly.

    I would recommend checking the sample rate of the .mp3s you're using in your recording software, how the M-Track is configured in the Playback Devices menu in Windows (right-click the M-Track and select Properties to access the menus), as well as the sample rate to which the M-Track is set to process audio in its control panel (search M-Track in your computer and the control panel will appear). If everything is set to the correct sample rate, you will have normal playback.

    Try that and let me know how it works out!
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