Even though everything seems to be good, my Fast Track USB output doesn't work (properly)

Hi, yesterday I got my Fast Track USB (guitar recording interface). After wondering which drivers to install, I finally instaled the 6.0.6 version for windows 7 (Fast_Track_USB_Installer_6_0_6_Driver_5_10_0_5133) and ProTools, I'm also using Audacity and Amplitube 3 for testing.

The problem is that, in recording devices it appears the Line-in M-Audio Fast Track as ready, when I play, the signal appears to raise 1 or 2 marks, but neither in stereo nor mono can I record with Audacity. I hit the "listen this device" checkbox and redirect its output by the Fast Track headphone output, with mix at 5 o'clock (full right) I can hear me (with latency obviously) but still my computer wouldn't record it.

The Line/Guitar switch button is in the proper position for Guitar, and I'm connecting my guitar directly to the 1/4" input (no amp nor pedals).

Neither in amplitube seems to recognize the input.

I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help me :S
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