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Failed to open audio device m-track 2x2

Hi, I just got a m-audio m-track and I'm having problems getting it to work with my PC.

I have downloaded the driver called m-audio m-track 2x2 which worked fine this morning but for so reason it isn't registering that the hardware it plugged into my pc. I'm using Ableton Live. Any suggestions?

The problem happens when I'm selecting the audio driver, I get a message saying failed to open audio device.
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  • Hello, Daire

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear you are having issues connecting your interface to your computer, do you see the M-track 2x2 in your Device Manager? It will be under the drop-down menu called "Sound, Video and Game Controllers." Reinstall the M-Track 2x2 driver and then make sure the computer recognizes the interface here. 

    Once it is recognized, go to your Ableton Preferences>Audio and select "MME/DirectX" next to Driver Type. That should do the trick!

    Hope this helps!
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    thank you for replying. The issue turned out to be with the USB dock, so all sorted, thank you!
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