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Hi there!

I have a M-Audio Fast track pro for a couple years now, always been verry happy with it and never really had a problem with it.

Untill now... Recently I have installed windows 10 on my PC. Since then i'm getting this BSOD every 20 minutes or so. I found out that the source to my problem is the driver for my Fast track Pro that is only compatible with windows 7 & 8. I have unplugged my FTP and since then i haven't got any BSOD. But that would mean I can't use my FTP anymore? :( Only because of the fact there is no supported driver for windows 10. Does this really mean I have to buy a new Audio interface just because M-Audio doesn't make new drivers for the Fast track pro anymore? Maybe someone here know's an alternative so I can still use my FTP with windows 10? Any help would be much appreciated.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    As you may be aware, M-Audio was acquired by inMusic Brands in 2012. The following products were not included with this acquisition, and will be marketed, sold, supported and serviced by Avid moving forward:

    • Fast Track USB
    • Fast Track
    • Fast Track Pro
    • Fast Track Ultra
    • Fast Track Ultra 8R
    • Fast Track C400
    • Fast Track C600
    • Mobilepre USB
    • Mobilepre

    For support or service on the products above, please contact Avid using the following channels:

    United States

    End-user support


    End-user support
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