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Fast Track Pro driver for windows 10

After several weeks, I have been able to make M-Audio "Fast Track" able to work with window 10.
What is the problem?
When installing window 10, it will automatically replace the M-Audio driver (from the year 2013) with another update, but this will not work. The key will be to uninstall the new driver and install the old driver.
This driver I used it in window 8, and it worked perfectly.
M-Audio Fast Track is one of the best devices, and I hope not to replace it. The potentiometers do not make noise and the jacks do not "scratch". It's a shame that the company sold it.

The drivers for M-Audio version 6.0.8 can be downloaded from:

There are also all the drems drivers.
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  • Hey Fernando,

    Thank you for sharing what you found! I hope this helps users that are looking for answers regarding the Fast Track series here in the M-Audio community but this product is not supported by M-Audio.

    When M-Audio was acquired by inMusic Brands in 2012, Avid chose to retain certain hardware - the Fast Track series was part of what Avid retained.

    The following products are marketed, sold, supported and serviced solely by Avid:

    • Fast Track
    • Fast Track Duo
    • Fast Track C400
    • Fast Track C600
    • Fast Track Pro
    • Fast Track Ultra
    • Fast Track Ultra 8R
    • Fast Track USB
    • Mobilepre USB
    • Mobilepre
    • M-Box

    For support, service, or updates on any of the products listed above, users can contact Avid via the following channels:

    Thanks again for sharing!
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