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FastTrackPro problems with Windows 10 [Important message to M-Audio]


I have the latest FastTrackPro driver installed on my Windows10.
Once a week my PC freezes and I see the blue screen of death. The cause for the crash is the Fast Track Pro driver.

I know inMusic didn't buy this particular product and Avid has the rights and so.. But inMusic sells a lot of M-Audio Products, with updated stable drivers, correct?

Many people are saying that they won't buy M-Audio products again (me included) because of this driver support problems in Windows 10. This situation in negative for the M-Audio brand and it directly affects ALL inMusic M-Audio products.

Now my question is this:

Is it so difficult to make a new stable driver for this audio interface for Windows 10? Please tell me... Will it cost a huge fortune? Can't you use one or two of your programmers for 2 or 3 days to code a new stable driver version? Will you go bankrupt because of it? Will Avid sue you if you do this and
make it available for download on the M-Audio website?

I believe that this would be a positive move for you as a company and for the M-Audio brand... If you really think about it, you will agree with me I guess.

Hope that NickD or someone from inMusic will read this and write a response. And please, do not tell me that inMusic didn't buy these set of products and Avid is the company to contact for support and so... Avid won't do anything, M-Audio is dead for them... Now, is it dead for you too? It sure looks so.

Thank you, Paulo

[PS: I posted this message 5 months ago in a response to an old thread, but I should have created a new topic instead. So here it is, five months later]
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  • Hey Paulo,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. As you mentioned the Fast Track Pro is an Avid product. It is also a legacy unit so updated drivers for the current Windows OS are unlikely. That said, you would need to contact Avid for more information regarding this.

    I took a look at Avid's site and the last driver release was in 2016 and introduced support for Windows 8.1. They specifically note that Windows 10 is not compatible, which is why your system is experiencing a BSOD. I understand that you are frustrated but as we do not own this product or the corresponding software, M-Audio will not be able to develop a driver for it.

    If you have further questions, it would be best to direct them to the Avid team.
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