Fire Wire 410 will not send to output

I found this previous post which is exactly what I'm experiencing. The difference is that I'm on a PC running Vista SP2.

"Suddenly no sound on Firewire 410
I've had a Firewire 410, used with Pro Tools M-Powered, for four years with no problems. The other day, it suddenly stopped outputting sound completely. I tried turning it off and on again, updating to the latest drivers, messing around in the System Settings-- everything I could think of. There's just no sound. From the control panel I can see that sound is going to the software return bus, but it doesn't seem to make it to the box itself because the Output Signal lights don't light up any more. I am totally stumped as to what may have happened-- it just stopped working one day!"

Here is the suggested fix.

"Keep you speaker volume down and click the Reset button
on the right side of the FW 410 control panel. Is there a change?

You mentioned reinstalling, but lets try this procedure:
1. Shutdown and disconnect the 410 from your Mac.
2. Reboot and run the Uninstaller from this driver download:

3. After the Mac restarts, Repair Disk Permissions
4. Install the driver using the same driver download above
5. Shutdown your mac and connect the 410
6. Reboot and test it again"

Is there an uninstaller I need to download for Vista SP2 or Should I just uninstall using the windows Vista uninstaller." and then follow the rest of the steps.
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