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Firmware 1.3 not installing, code 61 transport not working in tracktion waveform9

Hello, just bought a code 61 and use tracktion waveform. I just cannot get the transport (Play,rewind, wind, record, stop) to work. I used control surface mackie in tracktion and set code 61 also to mackie control. Also, the firmware update 1.3 cannot be executed(windows 10 64 bit)., so presets cannot be retrieved from or send to code 61.
Actually I want to use HUI to control tracktion waveform, but the transport bar just does not show in the midicontrolers control surface.
Any suggestions?
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  • Hey Frenk,

    Thanks for posting!

    It sounds like you've already configured the Code to send Mackie by using the C# function key in the keybed. Make sure you are selecting MIDI Port 3 in the software setup as this is the port that sends Mackie/HUI protocol. Doing this will configure the transport controls automatically but also be sure to set the faders and encoders to Mackie mode if you intend on configuring your DAW automatically via Mackie. The same ideas above applies to software that uses HUI so be sure to toggle the Code between Mackie and HUI accordingly.

    What happens when you try to update the firmware? Is your Code connected directly to your computer and not connected through a USB hub or an adapter?
    • Hi, thanks for the answer. First I want to say something about the code61 preset editor. At first it didn't install, actually clicking on the .exe didn't do anything. I figured out that (found on some different forum for other software), that tha install path is to long and one just need to rename the exe file to, for example, code61.exe. Then it installs without any problem. The name was to long.
      To the issues I found wuth the mackie control universal. Transport works as well as panorama and volume, but to select a track it selects the first plugin within that track. Also arming the tracks with mute solo record, does not work.
      I use DAW tracktion waveform, so I also mentioned this on their forum, but still I think its a mackie control issue, not mapped correctly or not the newest version. I just want to find out how to get this working, and do not know exactly where the problem actually is located.
      Eitherway CODE 61 is awesome for its price, the touch and the controls within it are great.
      ITs connected to a powered hub. May be I should try a directly to my computer and use an adapter....
      Could you take a look at the mackie issues?

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