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Getting your M - Audio Radium 49 to work on EL Capitan 10.11.1 with Logic X / Garageband

Hi everyone. I GOT A SOLUTION to Make it work with El Capitan

My Radium 49 wasn't working as it was connected using a midi cord to my Mbox 2 and since mbox 2 is not working anymore with El capitan evrything was hay way .. as I accidently upgraded to El capitan but I managed to make it work on mac os x 10.11.1

Here are the steps :
1) Go in UTILITY,
3) Go to the MIDI STUDIO under Windows (in the top menu bar)
4) ADD DEVICE, call it whatever name you want...
5) Click Manufacturer as GENERAL MIDI and Model as GENERAL MIDI check features as General Midi
6) Install the drivers found here :http://m-audio.com/support/download/d....
It works on El CAPITAN
7) Reboot
8) Connect the keyboard using USB cord and power up Radium 49
Now you go to LogicX or Garageband ..It will work
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