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Hammer 88 - balance of white and black keys

Hello, I use the Hammer 88 keyboard and I came across one problem:

Black keys are a bit lighter than white keys, so they sound slightly weaker than white. With f-ff dynamics, the black keys are about 10 % weaker, pp-p is OK. For the same mechanical reason the tones on the black keys make a sound a little earlier. Playing at the same time both white and black tones is a problem then.

I have been playing piano for 40 years, so I compare the Hammer 88 to the classical piano.

So I have two questions.
1) Would it be possible to make a small percentage gain in firmware for the black keys only?
2) Would it be possible to add a slight delay in the MIDI signal for black keys that would offset the lighter push? I tried (in Cubase) a black key delay of about 10 ms. It sounds much more pleasantly and accurately.

It would be amazing if these values (dynamic and delay for black keys) were set using the Hammer 88 Preset Editor.

I assume that some mechanical adjustment of the black keys is probably not possible, of course it would be the best solution.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards

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