Help in running M-Track (MKII) through Ableton.

Anyone can please help me? I got a M-Track (MKII) and did the driver, software and plugins downloads. In the System Preferences of my Mac, it does indicate that I have the Audio set as an I/O device. However,when I open Ableton Live Lite 9, I notice that there is no sound showing in the Master Volume gauge. I can hear myself playing the guitar through my head phones on both ear monitors, but besides I as mentionednot having volume coming out, as I try to listen the playback, only my right ear monitor on head phone lets me hear what has been recorded (Although through it all, If I record anything or not, there is no signs of life on my master volume control). I do have my Audio From/ Audio To in Ext. In/ Ext.out. And on the Cue Out/ Master Out, I have it set on the box 2 option. Is the problem with Ableton, the MKII, or did I just miss something? Please any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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