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How can I connect my Oxygen 49 keyboard to serial midi?

My synth only has serial midi ports and is now connected to the Oxygen 49 kyeboard using a pc and a cheap usb to midi converter.
I want to take the pc out of the chain.I am trying to connect the Oxygen 49 keyboard to a cerebel usb v2 converter, but the converter does not recognise the keyboard as a midi device. What can be the reason? The converter is not defective, because it works fine the the cheap usb to midi converterd.

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  • Hey Bert,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Oxygen will only interface with an external device via USB and I typically do not recommend using USB to MIDI converters to connect controllers to external hardware. Computers generally work out okay but there may be a driver that's necessary for the connection and that can present a problem for external MIDI hardware.

    Does the Oxygen send MIDI data to a computer correctly via USB?
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