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I’m frustrated

How do I get my M-Audio 61 Oxygen to work with iPad?

When I plug the M_audio 61 Ox into the iPad I get an error message saying that it requires too much power. It is lit up as if all is fine, but none of the programs that I use for midi controllers recognize it.. Now, I have an 88 Keystation that give me no problems at all with the same setup. How do I get my M-Audio 61 Oxygen to work with iPad?
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  • Hey Erroyl,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you are receiving a message indicating that the USB device you're connecting is drawing more power than the iPad can provide in order to function correctly, I would recommend looking into a powered USB hub. This is a peripheral that will go between the controller and the iPad and will be the source of power for connected peripherals instead of the iPad itself.

    I hope that's helpful!
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