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How do you get the Code 25 transport, faders, encoder, and drum pad controls working with Sibelius?

I’ve watched several YouTube videos on creating an XML file in order to achieve this but not had any luck due to my lack of understanding of XML & Midi. Any help gratefully received. :)
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  • Hey James,

    Thanks for posting!

    You can send two types of transport messages from the Code to control your software's transport: Mackie/HUI or MMC (MIDI Machine Control).

    If the software you are using supports MIDI Learning and its transport can be triggered via MIDI CC, you can assign the buttons under the faders (in MIDI mode) to trigger the transport as well. The faders and encoders themselves can be set to either Mackie/HUI or MIDI mode and the data they send will reflect that choice.

    The Code's transport control buttons (rewind, fast-forward, stop, play, and record) will send standard Mackie/HUI commands to your DAW. If the software you are using responds to Mackie/HUI, choose the Code's Mackie/HUI port (port 3) when configuring the Code as a control surface in the software.

    If the software you are using does not use Mackie/HUI, you can assign buttons, pads, or the sustain pedal to send MMC messages instead. The Code's user guide will show you how to reassign those controllers to send MMC messages (search the document for 'MMC') but it might be easier to use the Code's editor software which can be downloaded here.

    Keep in mind that the faders, buttons, and encoders on the Code can send different types of messages depending on what mode they are in (Mackie/HUI, MIDI, or HID (via the buttons only)). The mode you choose will be reflected in the Code's display when you press the Fader, Button, and Encoder Mode buttons. You can toggle between these modes depending on what action you are trying to perform in the software.

    With that in mind, the documentation for Sibelius should show you how you can apply those types of messages to control the software.

    I hope that helps you!
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