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I’m unsure

How to change the direction of the key octaves, that would be high on the left and low on the right hand

Hello! Strange question, but still. How to change the order of the keys, so that on the right hand there were low frequencies, and on the left high frequencies? How to flip the keyboard? Can this be done using software without soldering?
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  • Eliza (Official Rep) May 06, 2019 13:55
    Hey Матвей Зайцев,

    Thanks for posting!

    This is a unique request and will require some creative DIY exploration :) My guess is that you would need a MIDI editing software or a coding platform that would allow you to manually rewrite MIDI note values for the keybed. This will take you into the coding world, as you will need to essentially overwrite the Axiom's existing firmware.

    While not within the scope of this forum, I recommend checking out Instructables. This open-source DIY think tank provides a wealth of knowledge for circuit bending and customized MIDI instruments. I think you will find some helpful ideas there!

    Let us know how it goes!
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