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How to increase volume in my mic? My mic is very low

I have the m-track gain almost to the highest level and i have to put the mic 1cm from my mouth so people can hear me.

- I have m-track 2 and a Samson C03 which i use with phantom.
- I use the microphone mostly for Streaming, Hangouts Calls and Discord

People tell me the sound of my mic is very low but i've turned the input gain way up on my m-track 2 and windows recording level settings in 80, which is almost full. In spite of this, i have to get like 1cm or less from the mic so people can hear me a little bit, but if i move 2 cms away they can't hear me. As you can see this is very annoying and uncomfortble.

In case of Streaming i use OBS and i use a filter "compressor" which i increase gain and it's a solution but in Discord, Skype, Hangouts and gaming i can't find a solution.

Where am i missing? I'm not a audio professional and i don't need to be one, but i need to know how to fix this. Maybe this mic is for onlye recording closer to it? It works better one mic i have which costs $10 bucks.

Thanks everyone.
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  • Hey Demian,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! If the other microphone you are using can be boosted to an audible signal, it sounds like that microphone just needs more gain before it starts producing a signal.

    Have you tried using any other microphones or testing the microphone with the low signal with another gain source like a preamp or another interface?
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