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How to map Axiom Air Pads for the iOS app iMPC pro!

I created a mapping for my M-Audio Axiom Air 25’s Drum pads so that they will trigger Akai's iMPC Pro app on the ipad. The pads on the Axiom Air are 4x4, just like the iMPC Pro App on Ipad. Here are the note assignments for the pads. You must be transmitting on midi channel 10 from the Axiom Air, in order for the iMPC to respond.

C#2 G2 D#2 F2

C2 B1 A1 G1

E1 D1 A#1 G#1

C#1 C1 F#1 A#4

To map these notes to the Pads on the Air, do this.

1. Press Edit

2. Press Key C (PAD LEARN)

3. Find C # 2 (you may need to press Octave +/- to find it depending on where you were playing. The Axiom Air's display will show the note value as well.)

4. Press upper left Pad # 13 (velocity doesn't matter now)

5. Wait a couple seconds

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each note value in the above chart and assign correctly to each pad.

7. Save your work as an Air preset.

8. enjoy using your Air pads to finally control the iMPC Pro App on Ipad.

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