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How to turn on all keys to play

Hello i was trying to find some tutorial for setting up the code 49 and as i have done some presets and i conected with ableton live lite 9 with succes a cant find how to set it up if i want to play all octaves on the keyboard. there is still working just 1 octave so i cant play with both hands. is there any advice for me how to do it?
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  • Hey Dominik,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Code 49 will give you access to 4 full octaves at a time that can be shifted with the Key Octave + and - buttons. Did you set up any zones on the Code? Are you only getting one octave with every software you use?

    We can verify how your Code is sending MIDI data to your computer with MIDI monitoring software. A MIDI monitor will show you all the incoming data from any MIDI controllers or MIDI interfaces that you have connected to your computer. In the image below, I've highlighted different octaves of incoming notes from a Code keyboard:

    You can see in the image that I've sent note values from C-2 to C7 to the monitor.

    For testing MIDI devices on PC:
    Download MIDI-OX

    This video will get you set up quickly for MIDI input monitoring in MIDI-OX:
    Monitoring MIDI Input with MIDI-OX

    For testing MIDI devices on Mac:
    Download snoize: MIDI Monitor

    Select the Code as a MIDI input source in the monitor and send some data with its keys in different octaves - do you see different octave values for the notes? For this test it might be a good idea to turn zones off if you've enabled them. This will help us test the basic input of the keyboard.

    Try that and let me know how it works out!
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