I’m frustrated

HyperControl & DirectLink Uninstaller will not uninstall drivers

I have problems using my Oxygen 61 Mark IV with Cubase 8.5 running on Mac OSX El Capitan.

I have a driver installed, HyperControl & DirectLink for Cubase since earlier and it seems to be impossible to uninstall. The new Max OS doesn't easily allow access to the system and I am by no means a power user of computers. I suspect that the driver might cause the Oxygen to malfunction. The pitch bend won't work, the transport panel buttons does not work. Would it help to somehow uninstall the old driver? It is version 1.1.6 and no matter how I try I can't get it to uninstall

Or, is it the case that the the Oxygen 61 mark IV does not align well with Cubase 8.5 pro and El Capitan? If so, will it ever or should I buy another midi keyboard to solve this? From what I read before I got it it did seem to work with this combination but I might have been misstaken. Slightly bummed for the moment. Pleas help.
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