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i cant figure out how to make the step sequencer work on a trigger finger pro please help

i have tried choosing my sound with a pad, changing the tempo, swing, etc, choosing an empty sequence. choosing a sequence on the sequencer, and hitting play, and nothing happens, also my tempo button is on but isn't blinking, please help!
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  • Hey Nate,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you can't use the play button to trigger the sequence and the tempo button is not flashing, it sounds like your Trigger Finger Pro's clock might be set to use an external source (your DAW). If you want to use the TFP's sequencer, set the clock to Internal.

    In Performance mode, use the buttons under the display to select PREFS. There is a field in the Preferences menu labeled Clock. Push the button under Clock to toggle between Internal and External clock sources. Once your TFP is using its own clock, you will be able to run the sequence right from the hardware!

    For additional information regarding the Trigger Finger Pro's clock (page 87) and other functions, have a look at its user guide. You can download the user guide here (TFP can be found under the Drum Machines category):

    M-Audio Documentation Search

    I hope this helps you!
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