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I’m im everything i shouldnt be cuz ive waited a long time to get this item and it keep messing up i love my usic and others are waiting for me to drop more people who i usually record daily but cant because this device keeps malfunctioning

i have the m-audio interface. for my home recording studio. how do i get it to have 2 channels.

i have been successful with this device a few times. i only have had this one. i once was recording for days straight with no problems then i go to ecord aagain one day and it tells me i dont have enough channels meaning theres not 2 channels to my device. i dont know why it would say that. but its doing it again and i cant figure out why..and for some reason i follow directions that i was given and nothing happens how it should. the thing is how do i get my M-Audio 2X2 interface to act right and have the 2 channels i need to record
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