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I’m frustrated

I reg my product (Oxygen 49 3gen blue) to some wrong Oxygen version. Need help to correct it and installationhelp on mac

Hi! I got a little problem. And the problem is that I bought a preowned M-audio Oxygen 49(3rd gen). I tried to make it work on My macbook pro but I cantmake it work on it. I tryed ableton live10 lite. But I dont know what I doin wrong. One mistake I made that I need help to corect is that when I registerd the Oxygen 49(3rd gen) Blue version. I picked the wrong color and it is registerd as a silver version. And that is wrong. And I don ́t know how to erase the mistake and register my serialnumber to the correct blue version Oxygen49 3rd gen.
Im useing a Macbook pro
Os= High Sierra 10.13.6
I hope to get some help here. Both to correct my prod.-registration and how to install it on my computer.
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  • Hey JOAKIM,

    Thanks for posting!

    Product registration is used to provide access to software that is included with products. Unlike the current Oxygen MKIV controllers, the blue Oxygen controllers did not include software via registration so it is not really necessary to register the Oxygen. The silver Oxygens did not include software either so I wouldn't really worry about it being registered as a silver Oxygen in your account.

    As far as getting the Oxygen configured in Ableton Live, this knowledge base article will walk you through the process to get everything set up. The article uses the Oxygen MKIV but the setup process is the same for the blue Oxygens. This guide will also show you how to add third party software like instruments and effects to Ableton:

    M-Audio Oxygen (MKIV) Series - Setup In Ableton Live 9 Lite

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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