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I’m sad, frustrated and confused

I plug in my kingkorg to the guitar line....plug in the m-audio to computer NO SOUND!!!!

I'm recording with a kingkorg creating patches etc. I bought this m track/m audio interface (not the plus) I'm somewhat new to recording...I've done it old school and pretty much all the wrong ways (like plugging the instrument directly into.the mic input lol it worked and if you clean it up a bit it sounds fine if you know what your doing...still terrible.) But I plugged the m-track/m-audio into my computer via usb then plugged my kingkorg into the guitar line...adjusted the levels...I can see the equalizer mover up and down so I know I'm getting sound and its not peaking and when I record (using cool edit pro) it comes out okay a little quiet but I can fix main problem is I can't hear the keyboard playing back through my laptop which poses a huge problem for me because I gotta hear my keyboard through my headphones while I record and the track is being played as I play too it because I do everything real time. I can't hear the keyboard in my headphones...everything else I can but when I hit the keys no sound press record no sound I get it back MAGIC I can hear it so its recording but can't hear it while I'm playing....(I double checked in my control panel/sound/m audio and I clicked and applied listen to this device...Nothing :( ) Please help me somebody. I at one time could hear it but it only came in one channel...thats a problem I asked please help???Thank you
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  • Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for posting. I'd be happy to help!

    First thing; you'll need to connect your speakers and/or headphones to the M-Track directly (not through your computer's built-in sound card). The M-Track basically is your sound card now, for both in and out. You'll also need to setup CoolEditPro's audio configuration to use the M-Track for both input and output. Let me know if that changes things in regards to the no output problem.

    Regarding the one-sided audio; this is happening because you're recording into one channel of the M-Audio, but CoolEditPro is recording on two channels. Software recording programs often default to record inputs 1&2 simultaneously (for stereo recording). You'll need to locate the setting in CoolEditPro that lets you record only input 1 for now.

    Let me know if this helps!
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