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Is Code series going to be added as Ableton supported Controller Surface (for auto-mapping)?

Is M-Audio Code series being planned to being added amongst Ableton supported Controller Surfaces?

I don't know if its Ableton or M-Audio which is responsible for adding it, but would be really nice to see this feature added for more fluid workflow and easier use of Code with Ableton. Mackie mode default controls are limited, especially for Encoders, so i had to use "Auto-mapping with Remote MIDI scripts" as suggested in other places here to have em use by default control audio effect racks (or whatever 8 controls there is in audio effect plugin on channel you click) instead of stereo pan of channels (which was fairly useless).

Manual mapping works fine too, but having sort of plug&play capability through Controller Surface support certainly makes it more convenient to use things on fly, rather than stop to map stuff first. Most other M-Audio midi keyboards are already included in the list here:

And link to that Auto-mapping with Remote MIDI scripts, super helpful, if tad bothersome at first to get working properly:

ps. loving Code 49 besides this minor annoyance.
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