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Is the M-Audio Axiom 49 MKII compatible with Logic Pro X?

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  • Hello Jorge,

    Thanks for posting!

    Yes, the Axiom 49 (MKII) is fully compatible with Logic Pro X. It is class-compliant, so it will immediately work with basic keyboard/pad functions.

    When it comes to knobs/fader/transport controls, the "DirectLink" protocol installer will not install into Logic Pro X properly for some reason (Logic 9 works immediately). Not to worry; I've created a work around to get this working as well:

    (Logic 10.0.7 or later required)

    1) Download the HyperControl protocol file, Axiom.bundle
    2) Go to your Downloads folder and select Axiom.bundle. Press Command+C to copy this file.
    3) Go to your Applications folder and right click or ctrl/click Logic Pro X. Select "Show Package Contents".
    4) Navigate to Contents>MIDI Device Plug-ins
    5) Press Command+V to copy the Axiom.bundle file into this folder.
    6) Open Logic X with the Axiom connected. Logic should automatically recognize the Axiom and assign faders/pans/etc...

    Let me know if this works!
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