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Is there a way to set M-Audio Axiom encoder speed - not just acceleration curve?

I am using an axiom-49 (2nd gen) with Ableton Live 9.5 and the encoders are driving me nuts.

I've tried all curve accelerations: Off, c1, c2, c3 - none allow for me to do one simple thing: When the Encoder knob is turned through a range of 360 degrees, I would like it to send midi values from 0 - 127. This seems like something that should be doable. To be honest - I'm not sure why this isn't default. Otherwise the encoders are useless. I need to turn the knob 10-12 times to reach the maximum value. It's like controlling the encoder with a screwdriver!

Is there some way to achieve this that I haven't yet discovered - either through M-Audio or a work-around in the DAW? Third party software? Anythings? I have seen similar questions posted, but so far have not found an answer other than simply getting rid of the hardware.

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