Is there any way I can make Trigger Finger Pro load a certain Preset and Sequence when it powers on?

I would like it to automatically switch to Preset 2 (Live&Arsenal) and Sequence 15 (a new sequence I created) when its powered on.

Is this possible?
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  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks for posting!

    The TFP doesn't have any auto-load settings but I'm happy to pass along a feature request for you. It seems like this would be a popular feature to implement.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!
    • Corey S., this reply to Sean might make an excellent entry in the much-needed "Trigger Finger Pro Tips and Tricks" section for these forums. Since no such section exists, you might want to copy it to Trigger Finger Pro IDEAS.

      I may have a useful workround for Sean to put to use, as I've been using this for a few months now :
      Since Trigger Finger Pro always boots up in the very first PRESET 01 and the first SEQUENCE 01 slots, what I've done is copied those to an available DEFAULT slot for each, so then I can SAVE over the FACTORY PRESET 01 and SEQUENCE 01 with my own, constantly-utilized Setup.
      1. With TFP set up in the Factory Default
      PRESET 01 and also SEQUENCE 01, hit the SAVE button, BUT Copy/Save them to an available (User) DEFAULT Slot on TFP for example, PRESET 26+SEQUENCE 16

      2. DIal up the PRESET number (e g., 02)
      and SEQUENCE number (e.g.., 15) you want the Trigger Finger Pro hardware to always power "On" to, and...
      3. Press the SAVE button, and
      Copy your favotite PRESET (for example, 02) TO PRESET 01 and
      Copy your favorite SEQUENCE (e.g., 15) to SEQUENCE 01 and uniquely (Re)NAME the PRESET + SEQUENCE if you wish, then SAVE and EXIT!

      So long as care is taken in performing this "custom re-arrangement of Presets," it works beautifully for those primarily using only 1 PRESET, and don't want to have to dial it and a custom SEQUENCE up, each time TFP is powered on.

      "Like" this? ;-)
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