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Issue with connecting a single BX5 D3 to Macbook Pro

Just got my single BX5 D3 studio monitor and hooked it up to my laptop via 3.5mm to 1/4 TRS cable and I'm getting heavy sound distortion. It sounds like not all frequencies are being reproduced. I was under the impression that it would work fine if the appropriate cable is being used. Not sure if this is a known issue but I've searched for answers everywhere and can't find a solution.

I then connected it directly to my mixer using a 1/4 TRS to 1/4 TRS and it seemed to work fine. I'm not very technical, new to all this stuff, and I just want to be able to produce on Ableton Live before spending more money on equipment (i.e audio interface).

Keep in mind that I only have a single speaker, a laptop running on MacOS Mojave version 10.14.5 and Ableton Live. Am I using the wrong cable? Do I need another speaker? Do I need to make adjustments on the speaker itself or Ableton software? Please advise. Thank you!
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