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KeyRig25 compatible with Windows 10?

I have a KeyRig 25 legacy product. I recently tried connecting it to my Windows 10 PC in my new home studio and haven't had any luck using it. I realize that the last driver update applied to an older version of Windows, but I was hoping that there might be some way to salvage this great little controller - even if it is a legacy product. Please advise if there's a work-around. Thanx
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  • Hey Alex,

    Thanks for posting!

    As you know, the KeyRig is a legacy product and as a result support for this product is limited. The last operating system on which this controller was officially supported for use was Windows 7.

    M-Audio KeyRig 25 Driver (v5.10.0.5139) - Windows

    In the past, I have seen some users connect legacy hardware with older drivers to later operating systems but this cannot be officially supported as it seems to be more or less by chance that the hardware connects. I am unaware of a workaround to connect a controller to an unsupported OS without a driver that provides support.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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