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Keystation 61mk3 sounds weird when I play - little scratches and glitches - HELP?

I have a Mac Book Pro with 8 GB RAM and a 1 TB Solid state SATA-disk
It runs MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 and I use Logic Pro X 10.4.4.

When I plug the Keystation 61mk3 with the USB, there's a weird scratching sound - like dust on an old record. The sound also goes away a little bit sometimes.

When I play back what I recorded, - the sound is still there.

I really need this to work, for an important deadline tomorrow. Can anyone help?

Best Nanna
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  • Hey Nanna,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you had some trouble with that! The Keystation is a MIDI controller so it is used to input MIDI data into your computer but it has no bearing on how the audio is processed - your computer is what converts that incoming data into audio and sends it to your audio output device. If your computer requires more resources to complete this process in real time than what is available, you can hear the audio artifacts that you described in the signal.

    I would recommend raising the buffer value in Logic's audio preferences menu to address this. Raise the value incrementally until performance improves rather than just turning it up all the way as turning it up too much can result in latency (a delay) in the audio signal. The ideal buffer value for your computer will be able to provide clear playback with the least amount of latency possible. I would also recommend closing all non-essential applications that may be opened to give your computer the maximum amount of resources available.

    I hope that helps you!
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