Kinf of sustain problem with pad

(sorry in advance for my poor English, I am a French man ...)

Hi !

I have a kind of sustain problem with the pad of my Code 61 Keyboard.
For example, if i play a finger drum pattern with the pad of the Keyboard, the MIDI detect a very long note time, even if i raise my finger very kickly (it's a fingerdrumming context...).
And if i play the same pattern with the key, there is no problem, the MIDI detect the right note time from the attack until i raise my fingers.
You can see exacly what i mean on the attached picture.

The Code 61 is class compliant, so there is no possible drivers problem, the test you see is without sustain pedal, and even if i put one and i activate her, the problem still the same... I don't think there is a mapping problem... I dont see any problem in any case...
I don't know what i can do so i'm asking for your help. Hope you can resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help ! ;)

(I wanted to try to contact the support service but i don't have any support code... maybe i delete the e-mail... )

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