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M-25 Ableton instant link.

Hello, I am running Ableton live 9 using an M-Audio oxygen 25 3rd gen in windows 7 SP1 64 bit.
Plugging the midi controller works as expected: pitch bend, notes and transpose/track select all work, and when "remote" is enabled, the play and record buttons work too.
However, the volume sliders and the 8 knobs do not get automatically mapped to the 8 parameters of say, a midi synth. Is this normal behavior? I seem to remember the knobs and volume sliders should be also under control of DirectLink...
I did select oxygen 3rd gen in my MIDI control menu.
Problem also accurs after upgrading to live 10. I attach a picture of my settings
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  • Hey Andy,

    Thanks for posting!

    DirectLink has been built into Live since version 8.0.9 so as far as I know it should available in Live 10. Be sure to press the AUTO button on your Oxygen to enable DirectLink operation. DirectLink will allow you to control channel faders and parameters within Live but will not be mapped automatically to all virtual instruments. That said, you may still map virtual instruments to the Oxygen when it is in standard operation (when AUTO is off) if they support MIDI mapping.

    I hope that helps you! Let me know how it turns out!
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