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M-Audio 2x2 is mono

hello there, I got M-audio interface and when I connected to blue yeti pro I got a mono recording on only the left channel, I do hear only the left channel ,then when I try to set up the sample rate of M-audio to its high-value 192khz&24bit it doesn't work, it works only on the lowest rate 44khz,16bit which any microphone records with that rate .. do you know anything about that please?
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  • Hey Mohamed,

    Thanks for posting!

    From what I understand about the Yeti Pro, it uses a Y-type cable to split the output into two channels that can be recorded in stereo.

    Per the Yeti Pro user guide:
    If you are going to use the Yeti Pro in Stereo, you will need two microphone preamplifiers (or a two channel preamp)...The white XLR connector on the Y-cable carries the left channel signal, and the red XLR connector on the Y-cable carries the right channel signal.

    Both of these outputs would need to be connected to their own channel (hence the two channel preamp mentioned above) for a stereo recording. In your DAW, you would select Input 1/2 for a stereo recording. Selecting Input 1 or Input 2 in the software would yield mono recordings.

    The M-Track 2X2 does have two available channels but the instrument input on the front is designed to be used with a guitar or bass guitar with passive pickups. Input 2 does not receive a mic/line signal like Input 1 (the combo XLR on the back of the M-Track) does.

    For recording in stereo from two mic/line inputs I would advise using an M-Track 2X2M which does have two mic/line inputs. You would connect one end of the Yeti's Y-cable to Input 1, connect the other end of the Y-cable to Input 2, and select Input 1/2 on a stereo track in your DAW for a stereo recording.

    I hope that helps you!
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