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I’m confused

M-audio 2x2 M clicking

Hey forum

I recently posted about another clicking issue, but I fixed that, now there's another one far more elusive.

I have gone back and forth a LOT between my two soudcards today, and they both start clicking when I push the CPU, However the 2x2M also clicks at random with CPU loads lower than my other soundcard. I have an audio example below to show what I mean. the clicking also has no consistency to it, it won't alway click during the same part of the playback, and sometimes it won't click at all

The m-audio soundcard will also make a loud sitortion sound when I playback a project while I play music from any other audio source (i.e youtube, facebook, windows media player) while my old soundcard can handle this fine. In general the m-audio soundcard seems very unstable

The audio will not click if I switch to the absolute highest buffer size (4096) but that is an unacceptable buffersize for a modern DAC (my old makes no clicking/distortion at 256). furthermore there is no more CPU load when I switch to lower buffer sizes, in a matter of fact under load, the soundcard handles playback better at lower buffer sizes.

I have tried
* uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, the right drivers
* using all the usb prots on my computer (12 in total)
* (DPC Latency checking) Disabling conflicting devices in device monitor
* Reinstalling windows
* Latency monitor (high pagefault, but does not coincide with audio clicking)
* switching buffer size (introduces more clickign during actual CPU load)
* testing out different DAW (FL studio)
* switching windows power plan

I have probably done more which I cannot remember but none has fixed the problem obviously.

here are my system specs:

WINDOWS 10 64bit
120 GB SSD (ableton isntalled here)

ableton 9.7.1

Could it be that your soundcard just doesn't play that well with AMD cpu's?

on something positive however I am very impressed with the pre amps you have, they create good results with my mic.

I hope I can get some help from employees or from customer support, I wanted to send a ticket, but I have not gotten any support code for some reason

here is an audio example:
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