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I’m unsure

M Audio 2x2 playing through one ear using AT2020 XLR

I just got my AT2020 Condenser XLR microphone setup with the M track 2x2 c series. I have it set to 32 bit 2 channel 44.1k hz (studio quality).

When I got the stuff setup I could only hear it through one ear..

I then turned on mono sound setting in the windows 10 settings and figured out that now I can hear through both ears.

I am wondering if by doing that it can mak emy sound quality worst being set to mono or what?

I only use one mic.

Also should I be turning of the gain and what not or would default be fine?

I am not looking for any softwares as I am using this mic to stream live to twitch. No idea how this even sounds.

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  • Hey Raian,

    Thanks for posting!

    Windows sees the M-Track as a 2-channel interface so the input will be split between the left and right channel. Unless the microphone you're using is a stereo microphone (the AT2020 is not a stereo microphone), a microphone will be a mono input source so it makes sense to set the microphone to mono. The inputs on an interface can be used together as pairs for stereo or alone for mono but this is all configured within the software you're using, not directly on the interface itself.

    Setting a mono input source like a microphone to mono will not degrade the quality of the audio; it will make it behave the way it should by giving you the signal in both channels rather than just one channel. Were you using a DAW or other software, you would have the option to configure the inputs as a stereo pair (Inputs 1/2) or two mono inputs (Input 1 and Input 2) and configure the audio track to which you're recording as a stereo or mono track. The takeaway here is - use mono to record one mic and stereo to record two mics.

    With that in mind, the configuration in Windows to set the input to mono may only affect the way you hear audio but not how your viewers do. Depending on the input options for Twitch, using third party software to configure your input may be something to consider.

    I hope that's helpful!
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