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M-Audio 2x2M crashing certain programs

Hello, I use Citrix as working from home, it crashes quite often now since the moment I use M-Audio 2x2M, also videos won't play.

When I unplug this device, the issue immediately goes away.
I'm using Windows 10 64bit and i downloaded the latest drivers from your website, please urgently advise?
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  • Hey Simon,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! Does the Citrix application you're using need to access audio or video playback facilities on your computer? Does the application have an audio or sound preferences menu and can you select the M-Track as an audio I/O device? Can you edit parameters like the sample rate at which an audio device will process audio in this menu?

    Does the M-Track function outside of the Citrix application? For instance, can you use it to play back audio from the Windows OS or stream audio from the internet?

    Let me know!
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